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Smooth Unwanted Facial Hair Away

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suh-ee-duh By suh-ee-duh on
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Facial hair has always been a problem for me. I find it rather gross; therefore, I'm always looking for new, innovative ways to get rid of facial hair. The one MAJOR problem for me is that I have extremely sensitive skin so buying the wrong product can cause my skin to break out in a serious way. However, after getting tired of bleaching it, I decided to give Smooth Away, a new product that had been advertised on TV, a chance. The TV commercial had said that Smooth Away was a new and painless way of getting rid of facial hair. I was reluctant to believe that because such a product seemed too good to be true. However, I am glad to report that Smooth Away proved me wrong. It is indeed a painless way of ridding yourself of unwanted hair. The Smooth Away pads have a sandpaper-like texture that deteriorates hair as you rub it in a circular motion. For me, the pads worked well on my unwanted facial hair and on leg stubble, allowing me to smooth things out without going through the whole process of shaving and/or bleaching. They didn't work that well on my underarms because that's the area where the hair is coarser and shaving seems a lot easier for that. The Smooth Away pads are wonderful for exfoliating away dull flakiness, which allows it to leave your skin feeling soft. You MUST be careful not to overdo the rubbing, or else you're going end up with red and irritated skin. Other than that, it is a product worth trying.