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Reviewing: New Line Cinema Snakes On A Plane  |  Rating:
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If you're looking for a serious horror flick that will make you think and keep you consistantly frightened (like perhaps Saw), you'll probably have to look elsewhere (unless you're deathly afraid of snakes and/or flying, in which case, this will scare you on a pretty consistant basis). But if you're looking for pretty scary, pretty fun, pretty funny, and pretty good, you're home.

Honestly, this movie is more along the lines of the original Evil Dead, in that it shoots for utterly terrifying, but manages to make you laugh a good deal of the time. So much so that it might even be impossible for you to take the movie seriously.

That said though, I find it to be wonderful, even in it's cheesyness. But then, I'm a horror movie freak most of the time. It's not as though it's Plan 9 From Outer Space or anything. They really did do a good job on the snakes, the plane, the set, etc. And, it is cast well for the parts. It's just that it's funny more than it's scary.

Samuel L. Jackson is the big name in this film, though there are other recognizable actors, so it's rated 'R', and expect strong language.

There are a lot of really interesting bonus features on this disc, including a gag reel, deleted/extended scenes, commentaries, making of, and the music video for the theme song.