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Snapfish Is The Easy Way To Develop Photos!

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I LOVE taking pictures-I always have! Thank God for digital cameras now because I used to have roll after roll of undeveloped film laying around. It was fun to see what was on that film a few years after I took the pictures, though, I have to admit!! Well, enter the digital age, enter pictures on the computer, exit printed photos. For the longest time I would just have my pictures on the computer and not even bother to develop them because it was a pain in the butt to get them on a disk and out to a store that could do it for me. I didn't want to invest in a printer because I wouldn't use it all that much (now I might, though, so I might actually go out and get one soon). Here's where Snapfish comes in....

A friend of mine forwarded me an album to look at through this website, Snapfish.com. I could see all her kids' photos and if I was so inclined, I could order prints of them. For a pretty good price, too!! I decided to give it a try, so I took all the photos on my computer and sent them over to Snapfish. It was an easy process, and fairly fast considering that I had hundreds of photos to send. i chose the ones I wanted printed on their site, sent my credit card number, and they sent me (very quickly, I might add) all my photos printed out on good quality paper and and real photos should look. I am extremely pleased with the service, quality, and speed of this site. If you prefer, you can have the pictures sent to a local store and pick them up in an hour, too, if you need them fast. This site does it all! You can also order all the little goodies like blankets, mugs, trays, and several other things with your chosen picture on them-I sent a picture of my mare that I was thinking about getting a throw blanket made with. Tell me what you all think!!

OK-here are the things I want to add that make them not-so-perfect. Being all digital, the picture gets slightly distorted if yo ucopy it from a small image to a larger one-just like any digital image. Your photo will reflect that blurriness if you ask for larger prints and the original picture isn't high enough quality. The other thing is that it's a little pricier than getting your own printer and doing it at home in the long run, but there are SO many poptions that it makes it worth it.

I seriously recommend Snapfish to everyone-if your family sends you an email picture of a loved one and you want a print, you save the image, send it to Snapfish, and Voila-your own image to frame!

A side note-I just got an email from the site saying they are offering 50% off of a bunch of cproducts (including throws)-if you go now, you could get a good deal on some of these items!!