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Snazzy Manual Toothbrush

Reviewing: Oral B Cross Action Vitalizer  |  Rating:
May Monten By May Monten on
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This is a very snazzy-looking toothbrush. There are four different colors of bristles, two of those colors repeated in the handle.

The bristles are of different heights and some are set at an angle. I think this is good for getting at food that may be trapped between teeth.

The most unusual feature of this toothbrush is that the other layer of bristles are made of rubber, which feels completely different, in my mouth, than the regular bristles. According to the package, these are "gum stimulators."

They are much thicker than the individual hairs in a regular bristle, and I think probably are good for the gums.

My one complaint is that when I am brushing my upper side teeth, if I hold the brush at an angle, the way that dentists say you should, the lower set of rubber bristles sometimes goes behind my teeth, which feels a little strange.

Overall, though, I think this is a good manual toothbrush.