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Snore Be Gone

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A lot of people snore. Skinny, fat, children, adult, and even pets snore. I and my husband (and even our 11 year old daughter) are not spared from this wicked curse amongst the living - snoring!

I hate to admit it but with my size, my husband said (with the agreement of my daughter) that I snore like there is a small army of snoring people inside my nostrils and even when my mouth is shut. So, the world knows I am a big snorer but what can I do. I did not wish to have this kind of condition. I have been snoring even when I was a kid because of my sinusitis and even when I was skinny. Well, I snore even more when I put on weight. So I snore, is that a crime?

During our vacation in the US, my darling (the ever resourceful guy that he is) found this at Sam's and bought this product to test it on me. Not only that I am called a big snorer, I am now a guinea pig too :)

So, I did not protest and tried it. My daughter and husband had to make a plan on who stays late when just to see if the product worked.

For the first few nights, they took turns on checking on my progress with the Breathe Right Nasal Strip stuck on my nose bridge. I passed the first few nights but somehow went back to the old grind during the nights thereafter.

In fairness, even my husband tried it and we took turns too to check if it worked on him. It did minimize his snoring but I think, for this product to be really effective, it has to be used continuously and we only bought one box which contains 50 strips. If we had known that it would make a difference, we would have bought the whole shelf full of this product!

Breathe Right opens the nose to reduce snoring and relieve nasal congestion. It is a drug-free product to help you breathe better thus alleviating the snore and congestion in the nasal cavity. It is applied on the bridge and has a sticky pad to secure on the nose firmly. You scratch the end portion closest to the nostrils to activate the mentholated vapor. The strip is flexible and has a spring-like band which gently lift the nasal passages to open the nasal cavity for easy breathing.