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Snorestop Lozenges

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Snorestop lozenges is a lozenge that you take before bedtime (like 15 minutes before you go to bed) and it's intended to stop you from snoring. Well, I tried it out (not that I admit to snoring) because the girl sleeping beside me insisted I try something (for this hypothetical problem-- I've never once noticed myself snoring)...well, it worked right away.

The first night, she said the snoring was way less. By day two, it was gone entirely. I continued using all 20 of the lozenges every night and it she said it worked perfectly and I had stopped snoring entirely. But that's not all! After I finished taking the box of lozenges, I didn't go get a new box. And still, I had stopped snoring! It took about 1.5 years before she said I was snoring again! So off I went to the pharmacy and got another box and I haven't taken them in at least 5 months --without complaint.

I have no idea if these results are typical, but this product really works wonders for me!!! I mean, only having to use the product for a couple weeks every year or so -- that's fantastic! Highly recommended.

I know there's a couple other forms of delivery...some nasal spay and a fog horn of some sort...but I've never used them.

I did find having to take the lozenge before bed a bit of a hassle...as if I didn't remember in advance, I'd be sucking on this pill as I was laying in bed. Which I didn't like that much. Also, the flavour wasn't great...I remember it being ok, but if it didn't stop me from snoring, I certainly wouldn't seek these pills out. But it does...so I will.

And what, made me think of this for a review? I saw you can get a free sample of Snorestop here.