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Snow White!

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About Snow White

Snow White is a young lady who is the daughter of a king. Her mother died while giving birth to her. She is beautiful and has skin as white as snow.

The Story

Snow White starts of in a kingdom where a king who has a daughter named Snow White has remarried. He unfortunately married a very vain woman who is into the mystical arts. She frequently asks her magic mirror who is the fairest in the land and she was frequently the answer. As Snow White grew in age and beauty, she surpassed the queen.

One day, the mirror answered differently and Snow White was now the fairest in the land. The queen was beside herself and sought to eliminate Snow White. She ordered the woodsman to kill Snow White. However the woodsman felt sorry for her and let her go. He showed the queen the heart of a forest animal.

Fearing for her life, Snow White went into the forest and stumbled upon the house of the seven dwarves. They learned of the queen’s evil intentions and vowed to protect Snow White.

One day the queen disguised herself as an apple peddler. She had rigged the apples to make it appear that all were safe. Snow White took one of the apples and fell unconscious. Everyone thought she was dead. The dwarves and forest animals mourned her passing. The dwarves were so angry that they hunted the queen down and chased her down a cliff to her doom. They place Snow White in a glass coffin.

Prince Charming arrives and is smitten by Snow White. He kisses her and this breaks the spell. Snow White awakens and they live happily ever after.

The Verdict

This is a good bedtime story to tell to kids. It’s a classic good vanquishes evil scenario. I personally liked the story as a kid. I always liked it when the good guys won in the end.

I was appalled at how morally bankrupt the queen was. Not only was she self-centered. She would resort to killing her own stepdaughter just to remain the fairest in the land. I mean she was already married to the king and lived a life of luxury and comfort. What else would she want?

I liked the fact that Snow White was very kind hearted but she was too naïve. I found that to be very annoying. I wish she was a bit more witty and cunning. She easily fell into the queen’s trap.