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Snowbound: Jim And Jennifer Stolpa Story 1994

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This DVD was part of a two set that I had purchased online awhile back. The premise of the television movie revolved around a young married couple who have a baby. They soon take a car trip in hopes of making it to a funeral in time. During the trip, there is a terrible snow storm and they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. The husband (Neil Patrick Harris) decides to take it upon himself to journey 50 miles for help when his wife (who is with their infant son) decides she cannot walk anymore due to frost bite. She agrees to stay in a cave for a number of days and wait for him. This based is on a true story.

This television movie had me engrossed from the time they set out on their journey. It was a harrowing story and by all odds, none of them really should have survived what they went through. Pivotal moments that were riveting in the film included the decision when they all had to leave their car and go for help, when the husband left for help by himself and didn't know whether he would survive the 50 miles or even if his wife would be able to survive for that amount of time with the baby in the cave. The movie created just the right amount of anxiety. Any decision they could have made would have resulted in their death. Surprisingly all three survived and the one that came out unscathed was their son. Both husband and wife suffered such severe frost bite that they had to loose all of their toes but they were alive to tell their tale. It is an amazing story and the movie told it beautifully. The acting was played well by Neil Patrick Harris and Kelli Williams as his wife. This was shorter than I hoped for but it was a television movie which usually runs 90 minutes. No extras on this DVD but it doesn't matter, the movie itself should be enough but it does leave you wanting more. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a story of true courage and love.