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So Pokmon Diamond Review

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Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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This is yet another Pokémon game made by Game Freak. I, of course, have been following all the pokémon games since I was in first grade so I had to get this. It has a similar plot to that of the other pokémon games. You play a trainer, though this time you get to pick if you're female or male unlike the earlier editions, and you try to get to the pokémon league by collecting all eight gym badges, each gym with a specific element specialty.

It was a pretty fun game. There were some differences between this game and the other games. Such as the fact that you need to see every pokémon in the region to get to a certain level. The pokémon are different as well. Eevee has several new evolutions! They're cute and completely new elements, but you know, nothing can beat the original evolutions. There are still some pokémon from the old series, which is a great thing because there are just some pokémon you can't forget. Like Pikachu!

Anyway, enjoy this game. I did ^-^ Thanks for reading my review!!