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So Secured

Reviewing: Belkin Wireless G+ Mimo Modem Router  |  Rating:
msculit By msculit on
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I initially used a Siemens modem/router but when I upgraded my DSL connection to a higher speed, my modem was unable to handle the load and was no longer compatible with my Vista OS in my laptop. I bought this Belkin wireless modem/router which is easily set-up and is compatible with my Vista OS.

I liked the way my network connection at home is mega-secured. I think even Kryptonites won't be able to get thru the "force field." ;) That is how serious the firewall of my new modem/router is. There is a caveat though, I cannot view some of the websites I used to visit before using my old Siemens modem. There is no way around with the firewall set-up of the modem. If I disable it, leaving my Windows' firewall on and the ISP's own licenced virus defender, it will not run at all so I end up putting the firewall on. Speed-wise, I have no problem with the way it loads up. The only problem I encounter is, I have to restart or reboot it every single day. I don't know what is wrong with it but I think it cannot handle so many pcs at one time. We have 7 laptops at home but we normally do not connect all at the same time. Even then, I still have to keep on restarting it.

Operating range is: Indoor - 500 ft. and for Outdoor - 1000 ft.

Has VPN Support and ADSL/LAN Protocol supported too.

I am still pleased with the modem/router though despite the hiccups. So far (and knock on wood!), we have not encoutered any "worms" and unncessary virus looming around the internet world.