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So You Wanna Be A Rock Star, Huh?

Reviewing: Electrinic Arts (Ea) Rock Band 2 Special Edition  |  Rating:
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I had an opportunity to try out Rock Band 2 for Wii at a friends house party earlier this year and destiny was set, I just HAD to get one. Well, the cost for this game is a little steep because the special edition also includes the instruments, but I was patient and refused to pay over $100. The regular retail price for this game is any where from $140 - $180 and I was NOT about to drop that much on a video game, no matter how much I loved playing it!

Well, it just so happened that about 2 or 3 weeks ago, Best Buy and Future Shop were having a sale on Rock Band 2 Special Edition. I scored the game, drum set, guitar and microphone for only $99.99. My family and I have been rockin' out on Rock Band 2 ever since!

This a great game for the whole family as three people can play together and how well you do is dependent on each individuals contribution to the song played. For those that struggle to play the drums (me and my son are sick on drums) or guitar (my husband and son kill the guitar), they could be the singer (which is my daughter). Even my two year old gets in on the action by beating the drums!

There's a practise part so you can learn to play the instruments but we jumped on the local tour. We've unlocked new cities and venues. The game even has Montreal (go Canada!) but no Toronto - what's up with that? Anyways, we've got over 300, 000 fans on the local tour part of the game and have unlocked many new songs. We've also bought outfits and upgraded our instruments. You can also get a tour bus, plane and even hire staff while on the local tour and clearing your gigs, just like a real band.

The songs are great and I'm exposing the kids to a whole different genre of music (we normally listen to rap/hip hop, R&B and Reggae) through this game. Some of the songs aren't appropriate as they my say 'A$$' or some have an 'adult' theme, but those songs are easily picked out after we play them once, so we don't let the kids play them again. Oh, the rating is T for Teen and my twins are 9 so I thought I'd mention that some songs aren't good for the young 'uns. What's cool is that you can download more songs. Over 150 songs are available from www.rockband.com.

We currently play locally but once we get the Wii WIFi connect, we'll take our band worldwide. Look out for tour dates coming to a Wii near you!