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Soak N' Splash Water Slide

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I remember having a slip n slide water slide when I was eight years old. I used to run across the yard, do a belly flop onto a wet piece of plastic and slide down its watery length to the end, where more often than not, I kept sliding a few feet. Oh, the grass burns I recieved and yet, I couldn't wait for it to be my turn again!

The water slides of today are different than they used to be. By different I mean, safer. Instead of just a single sheet of plastic, there is a splash pool at the end to keep kids from getting face fulls of grass and dirt. There are many different brands and types now, too.

We bought the Soak N' Splash this week for our oldest girl. She'd been begging for one for a couple of weeks now and since we don't have a pool, we figured, why not. The next afternoon, my husband set it up for the kids. There is an age limit and a weight limit on the box, so our 15 year old couldn't even get on it!

When you get it unrolled, you have to fill the inside of the splash pool not with air but water. You have to wet the entire surface first before hooking the hose up. On one side of the slide are holes that go from one end to the other. It is these holes that water comes out of, supposedly creating a giant tunnel of water.

There were a few things we were disappointed with. The slide was not easy to glide on. I had to give my daughter a push to get her started sliding. There was no giant tunnel of water. In fact, the water spouts barely came up to my shins. And last, the huge splash pool was actually kind of small. Also, the box claimed an 18 ft long slide but I don't think ours was quite that long.

If you go to purchase one of these Soak 'n Slides, please don't be fooled by the picture on the box. It even says on the back of the box that contents and specifications may differ from box illustration. However, even knowing what we do about this product, we would buy it again. Watching our little girl have so much fun on it was worth it.