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Soap Soap Review

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By sr rub on
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First of all I have very very very sensitive skin. I have eczema which for those of you who don't know that means that My skin breaks out in a rash if I don't watch what I put on it such as fragrance dyes and what not. I also have to make sure my skin does not get to dry. My doc recommened using this soap because it is fragrance free and has moisturizers in it. In went right out and got some and I have not got any other sense. This soap is in deed soft on the skin. Sense buying this I have not been breaking out as much and my skin is soft to the touch. I would recommend this soap highly. ove Extra Sensitive Cream Bar is a new sensation in the range of body care from dove. Dove was not the type of soap I use regularly and it is mainly for the price tag it has. I need a lot of soaps for the purpose of bathing and I go for something which suits my skin and yet saves my purse. I had this Dove Extra Sensitive Cream Bar just to wash my face every evening. I take a lot of care of my face and so don't apply every kind of soaps over it.I am using Dove soap as I have very dry skin on hand and foot. My doctor recommended me some soap that will not dry out skin. I believe all dove soaps have 1/4th moisturizer. So it helped me to minimize this condition.This Extra sensitive skin care soap also helps to keep it more soft and supple. I use it mainly in winter and also when the weather is very much dry.The smell is also very good and pleasant. it is nice soap. Just it is a bit costly than