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Socom 3: Us Navy Sea Ls

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By shawn on
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The PlayStation 2 integrated online play but at the time didn’t have many titles to truly push the new technology. Luckily, the SOCOM series came along and became a main staple on the system and is going to continue on to the PlayStation 3. However, SOCOM US Navy SEALs 3 proved to be the pinnacle of the series in terms of game play and expanding on the already successful formula.

The game will take you to three different countries, each with missions consisting of intense fire fights, sneaking around and of course, the occasional escort tossed into it. The control scheme was changed from previous installments, for ease of use, but if you’re too attached to the old scheme you can simply change it back. While the single player campaign is good, the meat of the game will take place online. With the addition of much larger matches, games can truly become intense and key in on teamwork.

SOCOM is a title that truly had a great run and is still a lot of fun to play. The online community is still surprisingly strong and if you want to try your hand with long time players, you’ll be in for hours of fun.