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Socom: Combined Assault

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By shawn on
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SOCOM: Combined Assault is the final installment of the largely popular SOCOM series for the PlayStation 2. Rather than a true addition to the series, the title feels more like a mission pack in that you’ll be playing most of your time online since almost all of the weapons are already given to you. Also, in that time spent online, you’ll be playing maps from the single player campaign in conjunction to the maps from the previous title.

The most notable addition besides the brand new maps is the fact that many new items can be used. You can wear body armor, resurrect fallen characters if you arrive in time, use health packs and access a host of new weapons including non-lethal types used to subdue enemies. Many players still remain on the older maps, but the newer maps provide the same amount of fun once you learn how to play them.

Overall, if you’re deciding between SOCOM 3 and Combined Assault, then Combined Assault is a good choice since it offers more for the online experience, which is SOCOM is truly meant for.