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My husband and I attended a Home Show and entered to win a Soda Club soda machine. Well we won, as did many other households. A local water treatment vendor was trying to pitch their water filtering systems and in return gave away a Soda Club counter top soda machine and a 12 sample pack of different flavors. We have Edition 1, which can use either the 33 oz. or 14.5 oz. carbonator. No, we didn't take advantage of the water filtration system - we just wanted this machine.

Soda Club is well known by boaters and yachters because it is sold in marine stores nationwide. The Soda Club machine is quite simple to use. They have recently redesigned the machine and renamed it as Soda Stream. There are lots of flavors available and you can even make diet sodas, which don't contain aspartame. The regular flavors do not contain high fructose corn syrup.

The machine is quite simple. You have a can of carbonator and it fits into the back of the machine. You just leave it there.

When you are ready to make soda, you fill one of the carbonating heavy plastic bottles with filtered water.

Next, screw that bottle into the front of the machine.

Next, press down on the top bottom of the carbonator - 3 times. It will send 3 short bursts of carbonation into the water.

Then, unscrew the carbonating bottle, pour in a cap full of flavor.

Screw the lid back onto the bottle and turn the bottle back and forth 3 times to mix. Do NOT shake.

Enjoy your new fresh made soda.

Warning to anyone wishing to cut a step. The carbonation needs to go in BEFORE the flavoring. My husband thought he'd change it up a little and put the flavor in the bottle first, filled it with the water and then as soon as he pressed the carbonator button, it spewed soda EVERYWHERE. I mean I was mopping my walls, cleaning counters, appliances and our dog was licking up soda faster than we could mop the floor. So please follow the correct steps. All we could do was laugh.

Because of the ease and compact size of this counter top machine, it's perfect for trips and for boating trips. You can order refills online at the new Soda Stream website or go to your local marine store and they'll have some supplies for you.

As far as flavors go:

I'd compare the diet colas to that of a grocery store diet cola or Sam's Club diet.

The regular colas do NOT take like Pepsi or Coca Cola to us, but they are similar to the grocery store colas too.

All of the other flavors are really good - even the diet ones.

The flavors available are:


Cranberry Raspberry

Cream Soda

Fountain Mist


Ginger Ale


Lemon Iced Tea

Lemon Lime

Peach Iced Tea



Orange Mango (one of our favorites)

Root Beer

Pete's Choice (Cherry cola)

Diet Sodas:

Diet Cola

Diet Ginger Ale

Diet Lemon Lime

Diet Orange

Diet Fountain Mist

Diet Lemonade

Diet Pink Grapefruit

Diet Tonic

Diet Root Beer

When the carbonator runs out of gas, you simply order an EXCHANGE carbonator for your machine. We don't drink a whole lot of soda, so ours has lasted a long time.

Save money if you drink soda

Nothing to throw away or recycle - just clean the carbonating bottle after you drink the soda. Very easy clean up.

2 Year Warranty

Easy to use - we even let the teenagers make their own sodas when they come over to our house for youth group. They LOVE it.

Update On Jan 01, 2010: I uploaded a video showing how our Soda machine works. When hubby was screwing the water bottle onto the machine, he was slightly distracted by the Dr. Who Marathon - sorry about that little delay. It's really very easy to use and the sodas are carbonated just right. I meant to say the carbonated air (not water) is released into the water bottle. You can hear the carbonation escape when he unscrews the bottle.