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Soft Bonnet Dryer? Ouch!

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By song_of_serenity on
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Well. As a struggling student who loves her hair, I decided to skimp on some money and instead of purchasing a stand up dryer, I got a great idea to get a soft bonnet dryerfrom Gold HOt. Only $7.99! Could I go wrong? Eek. I think I did...

This thing. Wow. Well, let me tell you how it works. You attach it to a hair dryer through a hose like tube. The heat from the blowdryer will cause the soft bonnet to inflate, heating your hair and drying it like a heater. Simple enought, right?

Well. Lucky for me, I had two different hair dryers. One just did not fit the hose! It was simply too large. Secondly, I put the bonnet on my head. It slumped right over my face...I turned the heat on, yes, at the lowest setting...Wow...heat up it DID. I'll give them that. However, it heat way, WAY too hot. It felt like my head was cooking! My scalp, neck and face were being roasted under the heat! Once again, YES, it was on the lowest setting. I had to wrap a towel around my neck, try to hold it over my face and even my hands got heated. And guess what? The air from the dryer? It often made the entire bonnet fly off my head! I kid you not, it was like a balloon without the helium. And if you tried to use one hand to 'hold' it on, it got tired, or burned from the heat as well.

I toughed it out...and yes, my hair came out excellently. It got a 3 for that. But it was an uncomfortable, painful experience. Next time, I'll just invest in something I KNOW works! If you don't have a normal scalp and you can take furnace like heat, I say "go for it." Because yes, it DOES give you good results. But I'd rather have comfort and not suffer for beauty, thanks.