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Soft Clean Hands!

Reviewing: Bath & Body Works Anti Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion  |  Rating:
mizunderstood By mizunderstood on
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I received Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Hand Lotion as a Christmas gift. My skin has been oily for as long as I can remember, so the only reason I have ever used lotion is for the "smell good" effect. I'm getting close to thirty and in the recent months I have noticed my skin is not as oily as it use to be, especially after washing my hands. I wash my hands a lot at work. So, the other day I grabbed my tube of lotion to bring to work with me. I use it about every other time I wash my hands and a few times after handling money given to me by customers. Oringinally, I thought the stuff was just for moisturizing then I took the time to read the tube and discovered it was also anti-bacterial. That is just a huge plus for me. I keep hand sanitizer on my desk to help get rid of some of the germs I pick up from the public, but often times I find they have a strong alcohol smell to them and are often messy. This lotion has neither of these problems. It smells good from the time it is applied to my hands and does not slide on my skin onto my desk or keyboard. Another thing I really like is that one little drop is enough and my hands do not feel oily after I have used it. I'm glad someone gave it to me, because otherwise I would have never bought it and would have missed out on a truly great product!