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Soft Cream For Baby's Dry Skin

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When my baby was born, our pediatrician forbid the use of lotions and creams and colognes on my baby. But when my baby was a month old, she developed some sort of rash on the skin behind her legs. Since she was not sitting yet, we suspected it was because of different people carrying her around in our store.

We stopped letting her be carried by other people and the rashes also dried up. But it left her skin dry and uneven. It felt rough when we ran our fingers on it. So I asked my doctor if we could use something to moisturize the area and she allowed us to use Nivea Baby Soft Cream. This product is hypoallergenic and doesn't have a strong odor. It is also white, so I just think that there is no color added. It is has pathenol and natural minerals added for baby's healthy skin.

Anyway, we used it on our baby and her skin definitely improved. We could still see the white spots left by the rash and the area looked dark like it was burned or something, but the skin is now smooth. It took a while, but at least it became smooth to the touch again.

Even in a temperate country like ours, Nivea Baby Soft Cream worked well for my baby's skin. The air conditioning in our room makes her skin dry. But with Nivea Soft Cream, her skin could be classified as normal.

This is a very good product. Although it is quite expensive compared to other baby lotions, it comes in a 200 ml tub and it went a long way for my baby. I think it lasted 3 or 4 months because of course, my baby's skin area is just small. I would use it 2-3 times a day on her, or everytime I give her a wash.