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Softer And Smoother Skin Comes In A Red Package!

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I have lots of relatives working in the Middle East so every time they come home for a vacation, they often give me this moisturizing cream. Glysolid is the brand of this cream. I have been using it for more than 10 years now. This moisturizing cream is very effective. It is mainly compose of glycerine. When I was a little girl I had a very dry skin especially during cold season. It was so dry that my cousins tease me fish scale legs. I’ve used other moisturizers and body lotions but most of them only gave temporary relief.

When I started using Glysolid in 5th grade, I immediately noticed the change in my skin after applying them. My skin became softer and they no longer flake even during cold season. The result was so great that I have been using it ever since. What I like best about this product is that even if I forgot to moisturize myself my skin does not go dry even after 2 days without them. I also like its unique fragrant smell which is not too strong. It is also economical because you only need to apply a small amount to moisturize your body. One product could last for 4 to 6 months depending on how often you use it.

The downside to this cream is it is too sticky as compared to other body lotions and moisturizers. Also once you get wet, you have that slippery feeling on your skin but you could easily remove it once you’ve wiped it dry. Also since it’s too sticky, it takes me quite a long time to moisturize myself because I have difficulty of spreading them on my skin. Another disadvantage of Glysolid is its unavailability in our country. I get my supplies from the Middle East as gifts. But nevertheless, the benefits that I have gained throughout the years that I have been using it outweighs the disadvantages of the product. Now, my cousins can no longer tease me because I have smooth and softer legs and I know for sure if I haven’t been using Glysolid I wouldn’t have the kind of skin I have now.