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Softest Blanket On Earth

Reviewing: Serasoft Berkshire Blanket Oversized Throw 60" By 70"  |  Rating:
sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I am sure that I have found the softest blanket on earth. The first day that I touched a Serasoft blanket, I was in love! There is no way to adequately describe the texture of this amazing blanket. It is simply heavenly.

My mom, who is elderly, seems to always be cold these days. So when I learned that she would be in a nursing home for rehabilitation, for quite awhile, I knew that she would need extra cover. At first, I bought this blanket (which is an oversized throw) thinking that she would need it for sitting in the room, but much to my amazement, one night she got very cold, and we realized that it fit perfectly on a twin sized bed. It even had room to drape over the sides and foot a little.

From that night on, she cherished her snuggly, warm blanket. The first one was a deep burgundy shade. But as often happens in nursing homes, it was washed one day, and never made its way back to my mom's bed. She was heartsick. They had lost it several times before, but it always turned up eventually. But this time, it appeared to be lost forever.

I could tell that my mom really missed her soft blanket, so I decided to get another one. They did not have the burgundy color, but I found the most beautiful aqua and pink oversized throws by the same company. (So I bought both of them.) My mom has been through so much with a broken right foot, a broken left leg, and a broken right hip, that she deserves some happiness. And right now, a soft blanket equals a good night's rest.

When I showed her the blankets, she grinned with delight. We both took turns touching them to our faces, just to feel the incredible softness. Then we fixed up her bed, with the blue one across the whole bed, and the pink one folded at the bottom. The combination was so colorful and bright looking. I was instantly glad that I had purchased both of them. (We also made sure that we marked the blankets this time (with her name and room number) in permanent marker, so that if they wandered away, they would hopefully be returned without delay. (Well, we can hope, can't we?)

Now that I have been around these blankets, I have to get one for myself. It's like cuddling with your favorite childhood teddy bear! (Actually better, because this material is much softer than any stuffed animal I ever had as a child.)

The blanket is non-pilling, machine washable (and dryable), lightweight but durable, and warm and cozy! (There are similar blankets and throws on the market, but if it isn't Serasoft, it isn't the same.) I touched another similar one in the store, but there was no comparison. (Do you get the idea that I love this blanket?)

They also have what they call "twin sized" blankets, made of the same material, but the oversized throw-60" by 70"-fits a twin bed nicely also. I'm not sure if they come in other sizes. The price is so reasonable at $12.99!

Get this blanket...you will not be disappointed!