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Soho Spices See And Store Containers

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Soho Spices offers a line of extremely popular and fashionable storage racks that are useful in the kitchen for storing spices, in the office for storing paper clips, or in the sewing room for storing needles and buttons. Each rack consists of a metallic back to which small, palm-sized cannisters are attached by the use of magnets. Each canister has a tight lid with a glass opening that allows you to look inside at the contents. The metallic back can be hung on the wall or just placed flat on a table or countertop. The canisters can be arranged in rows on the back and pulled off when you want to get at the contents.

These handy storage systems come in different colors-- red, blue, orange, or simple stainless steel--and in different sizes, from strips that hold 5 magnetized cannisters to large rectangular backs that hold up to 20 cannisters. In addition to the regular flat backed variety that can be hung on the wall, Soho Spices also manufactures these storage systems with an l-shaped back that allows the user to stand the rack upright on a table or other flat surface.

The See and Store storage containers are ideal for collecting small items such as buttons, coins, and craft supplies as well as for storing spices in the kitchen (the lids are airtight to preserve freshness). They are alos aesthetically pleasing and simply designed to give a modern touch to your kitchen decor. Highly recommended.