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Solar Blanket To Heat Your Pool

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It's that time of year again, POOL TIME!!

We have had an above ground pool, built half in ground, for about 25 years. It is 16 x 32 in size so keeping the water at a comfortable swiiming temperature in Michigan is sometimes a challenge. We normally open our pool Memorial Day weekend and close it Labor Day weekend. Although it was really nice and warm last weekend, the rest of the week was very chilly and we even had a frost warning one night.

When dealing with the ups and downs in temperature you really need the help of a solar cover to warm the water up during the day and keep it from cooling too much at night. We have had many solar covers over the years and just bought a new one, a Century Solar-Cell Sunblanket. We purchased the 12 mil cover which comes with a 7 year warranty. This is our second purchase of this brand. We were very pleased with the durability of our last one and why change a good thing when you have it.

Our solar blanket serves many purposes: It gets us in the pool much sooner and enables us to use it for a longer time. Since summer is never long enough anyway and the temperatures seem to be different each year here, this means a great deal to us. Having the solar blanket on also keeps a lot of debris from falling into our pool and keeps it cleaner. Who likes to vacuum the pool all the time? Another great reason for using our solar blanket is that it helps to keep the pool chemicals and water from evaporating. Besides the increased electric bill for running the pool pump, chemicals are the next big expense.

On average a solar cover will last us 4 to 5 years (even though they come with a longer warranty coverage). We manually pull our cover off and keep it rolled up on the deck. It takes a lot of abuse depending on who is doing the pulling and folding neatly!!

We've never had any problem with this solar cover and would recommend it highly. It comes in every size and shape pool that is out there. I figure if we can make it last even four years that is only $25.00 a year, much cheaper to heat the pool than with a pool heater!!