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Solar Snowmen To Dazzle Your Walkway

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I think we have way too many Christmas decorations and must stop our after holiday shopping for a few years!!

This is a gorgeous set of four (4) Christmas Snowman Solar Lights by Westinghouse. We purchased them at Costco and used them last season and are just getting ready to put them out this year.

This set of solar snowmen is easy as pie to set up. There are 2 pieces to the hooks, the bottom "h" section that you push into the ground with your foot. You then screw on the top hook section, hang on your snowman and wait for nightfall. No wiring mess, no running cords all over and NO electrical costs!!

Our snowmen are powered with solar energy during the day and will shine 6 to 8 hours once it gets dark outside. When these are first put out you need to charge them in full sunlight for 8-12 hours with the switch set to "auto". The solar panel is located on top of the snowman's hat and well disguised. These include new amorphous panels that charge even when it's cloudy outside. Each snowman also includes a nickel cadmium battery which can be replaced if needed.

Our solar snowmen are each approximately 8 inches tall. There is a 3-1/2 inch round glass orb on the bottom made of crackled glass which gives a beautiful design around the area when it is dark outside. Above the glass orb is the snowman's cute face with a red, green and white metallic scarf around his neck. The black top hat has a red band and this holds the solar panel and hanger to attach to the stand.

Our snowmen are actually quite heavy in weight, nothing cheap and plastic here. So far we haven't had to replace the batteries. If you want a bright light to line your walkway, this is not what you want. These create a soft glow but with enough light to see where you are walking. I would love to buy another set but haven't found them again.

They come securely packaged in styrofoam and the stands dissamble and have a groved storage space in the styrofoam as well. Our snowmen can be quickly packaged and stored in the same box each year.

Santa decorations are taken down after the first of the year, but these snowman lights can be left out all winter. As long as there is snow, there will be snowmen!

Update On Jan 05, 2009: I wanted to update this review to let you know that when you get hit with lots of snow like we did in Michigan just before Christmas that the snow will pile up on the hats and cover the solar charger. Unless you go out and clear them off or wait for the sun to melt the snow off, they will not work. I could see these better suited to southern states but I still love my snowmen!