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Sol Light Light Ship Solar Powered Light

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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When I first heard about the SolLight I really liked the price considering other solar powered products were much more and it was hard to find one at a good price for use in doors. I did some more research on it and LED lights that are used to power SolLights. I eventually realized the SolLight would not light up an entire room with an LED light but only a small area. The price for it was still appealing when I considered I could use it to conserve electricity only when I needed very little light.

Theres 2 different lights built into the SolLight. You can either switch it to a regular LED light or its red light. I've never had no need for its red light.

My First Impressions of my SolLights:

I bought 4 SolLights just to use around the house to conserve energy. They looked cool looking at first and I would put them around the sunshine all day they would shine very bright at night. I was very proud of my purchase but only for a short time. I admit when I first felt them they felt cheap and 1 of them was actually broken but Amazon.com refunded me so I was still happy with the purchase and respected Amazon.com for giving a refund. Other web sites never refunded me when they clearly said their refund policy.

I Was Right At First About Refunding 2 SolLights But Ignored the Red Flag As No Big Deal:

Later on another one of the Solights broke but I couldn't return as the month long warrenty was already used up. I should have returned the other SolLight before it broke as their was a Red Flag that it was going to break. The Red Flag I noticed was a small moving part broken lose within the inside of the SolLight as I handled it. I decided not to return it because it was still lighting up fine. It broke though and the only thing I would assume that the moving piece inside broke it. I basicly wasted my money on 1 of the 4 SolLights.

It Gets Worse:

The SolLight also has suction cups that attach to windows so the solar panels can recharge when sunshining. The suction cups turned out to be fragile as well. It got to the point where the they would no longer attach to the window but fall of shortly after attaching them.

And Worse:

Also I had one of the suction cups break off, lol. How cheap and fragile can these things get?

Ok Its Obvious This Stinks:

Apparently its not over as more problems occured. 1 of my 2 SolLights that were left no longer lighted up as well compared to the other even when fully recharged. I now have one Solight that shines 100% the way its suppose to. I basicly have to turn them both upside down near a window for them to recharge. You can also just use your regular lights to recharge the SolLight.


I use my 2 SolLights during the night to walk through the house without turning on so many lights. The money could really add up over time doing this. Another good thing about the SolLight is its LED light really does have an relaxing effect on me when trying to get to sleep. I also keep them by my bedside just in case I have to get up during the night.


They break too easily.


Overall the SolLight is not worth ordering because it breaks way too easily. An alternative to this would be to get LED Lights that can be plugged in. I have some plug in LED Lights that automaticly turn on during the night and stay off during the day. Plug In LED Lights are very affordable. LED Lights consume 95% less energy compared to regular light bulbs.