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Some Tips For Great Nails

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One of my sisters gave me this TIPS nail set for my birthday last year. It includes a gentle nail and hand cleanser, skin conditioning milk, nail polish remover, nail/cuticle conditioner, and a small bottle of pale pink nail polish (I think you can choose it with different colors). All the products are intended to improve the health and strength of your nails.

The hand and nail cleanser isn't much of a hand cleanser, but it does well for the nails. The conditioning milk softens your skin and cuticles while actually strengthening your nails (it doesn't just claim to, it really does!). The nail polish remover was a bit of a disappointment to me; it smells just as nasty as all the drugstore brands, and contains pretty much the same things, but at a higher price (although I didn't have to pay!). In my opinion, the best product is the tiny bottle of nail/cuticle conditioner. You brush a small amount of it on your nails in the morning and the evening, and rub it all over your nails and cuticles and let it dry. I've always had "uglicles" rather than "cuticles" so I was skeptical, but within about three days my cuticles were noticeably better, and my nails were much stronger.

Sadly I'm not good at sticking to beauty regimes, other than cleansing and moisturizing my face, so my nails once again look pretty bad. But I'm going to start over for the summer, because I really would like strong healthy nails that are all the same length, and don't crack, peel, or break every time I use my hands! I think this is a great product, overall, but you do have to keep it up every day; you can't just use it for a few weeks then let it go, or your nails will revert to their ugly old selves!