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Some Understanding Of The Nokia E71

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E71 more narrow in size, not only reduced to the width of 57mm, larger than the average mobile phone only, the thickness of only 10mm, the 14mm much fewer than the E61. Therefore, E71 get less in the hands of the "great phone" feel closer to the general mobile phone.

Advantage of the excellent business functionality, QWERTY full keyboard feel good. Anytime, anywhere to send and receive business and personal e-mail, a substantial increase in personal productivity. E-mail set up simple and quick, more-specific e-mail button and the perfect keyboard to help you to easily send and receive mail.

Intelligence preparation of tools allows you to input more easily. Immediate error correction, auto-complete, a list of words and many other options that allow you to quickly and easily at any time to prepare information

This device has a professional appearance, the use of high-end materials and polished, and clever use of the incident light, as well as for the main screen, calendar, contacts, e-mail the one-touch button.

"Nokia Maps" and built A-GPS allows you to arrive on time, on time to attend the meeting.

The disadvantage is that color cast camera to take photographs, E71 does not break the past, E Department of the traditional emphasis on camera, built-in 3.2 million pixel auto focus camera, there is a considerable self mirror and LED flash. Part of the camera interface, E71 and N line using the same interface, preview of the viewfinder when the arrow keys can be about the right of the screen with a toolbar, which supports many camera features, such as white balance, color photos, taken from time to time, scene modes, and it can take the largest 2048 × 1536 pixels of the video, but slightly less in the video part, only the highest recording QVGA 15 FPS video, and N Series VGA 30 FPS easily compared to a lot of difference. Another point to note is that the E71 does not have independent shutter button, it is necessary to use QWERTY keyboard above the "T" key to the implementation of auto focus, wait until after the success of Focus, and then determine the key to shooting.

Personally think that the price is still good people in general is a fashion business machine. Importation of the entire keyboard can be considered preferred.

These are just some of my personal understanding of what the views of friends and I can talk about, ah, we progress with each other, thank you