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Something More

Reviewing: Author: Sarah Ban Breathnach Something More  |  Rating:
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While I'm not as crazy about this book as I was Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach, I did find it enjoyable and thought-provoking. The subtitle to this book is "Excavating Your Authentic Self." The theme is that we can have full, busy lives, with a family and a career, and yet deep down inside sense that there must be something more. (Yes, something more to life than daily schedules, fixed routines, and predictable scenarios.) She encourages her readers to go on an excavation of their lives, looking for the simple joys that have often been discarded in favor of the urgent, and trying to discover where our dreams were derailed. She says that we have to sometimes let go of the life we planned, in order to experience the life that awaits us.

It's not something more materially that fulfills, but rather something more spiritually. While we are caught up in the details of life, we sometimes miss really living it. We need to return to that childlike place of being excited about every day, rather than dreading it. A place where we are able to say, "Thank you God" at the end of each amazing day. In order to do that, we need to find out what makes us happy--a novel thought for so many of us, who live our lives trying to please others. We must discover what makes our heart beat faster, what fulfills us, and inspires us. She calls it "finding our buried dreams."

Since this correlates perfectly with where I am in my life now, the book encouraged me to reassess my own dreams. About the only criticism that I have of the book from a Christian standpoint, is that it sometimes takes on a rather "New Age" tone. But beneath all that, there is a message that all of us need to embrace. It's about finding ourselves, enjoying life, and fulfilling our dreams.