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Something Old, Something New

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Baseball Digest is a very different type of sports magazine.

While I am a big baseball fan, I was not around to see many of the old baseball greats that I so often hear about. Baseball Digest digs into the old time players, writing about them and their stats with a lot of flair. The writers also compare very specific movements and skills with current players in a way that makes it so easy to picture these Hall of Famers in their primes.

Baseball Digest is also very big on stats. The stats, however are big stats that are very interesting to see, such as the entire list of World Series results or World Series RBIs. There were lots of World Series stats in the last issue because… well, because it is almost World Series time! So their timing is most appropriate to make the read even more interesting as this is when, at least I, want to be able to compare my favorite players stats to those of the greats who have come before them.

My favorite part of the magazine has got to be the opening where there is a give and take between the readers and the writers. There are a lot of questions and requests for box scores or clarifications of mostly older games, but sometimes newer ones too. So much information comes up in these exchanges, mostly very interesting and intriguing information of games that the readers experienced years before, that they hold in their minds as the best or the oddest or the wildest game they ever watched.

The mix of the old and the new make this magazine one of my favorite sports magazines. Plus there isn’t any other sports information in here to dilute that of my beloved baseball. ;)

I also love that the magazine is small, about the size of a Reader’s Digest, but about 1/3 as thick. This makes this magazine perfect to stick in a purse, throw in a glove box or roll up and stuff it in a back pocket so that it can be read on a long ride, in a waiting room or during lunch.

Plus I love to test my baseball friends on what I learned. It’s a lot of fun to see who is able to pull these facts out of thin air so that they are able to proclaim themselves the best baseball minded of all times! And believe me they soooo do!