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Sometimes Sizes Does Matter

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You can fight thenanotechnology trend with this gigantic universal remote control! This remote won't hide between the cushions on the couch. It probably won't be knocked off the coffee table by the cat. Your demon nephew, however, may use it as a bat to intimidate his little sister or the dog.

This remote can control up to 8 separate devices (TV, Cable, VCR, DVD, Satellite, etc.). The instructions contain almost 300 codes which identify these components manufactured by different companies. Sometimes there is more than one code listed, so you keep trying the codes until you find the correct one. If your code is not listed, you can use a 'code search' function which is also documented in the instructions.

The instructions are brief but quite adequate. Unlike the instructions for the original TV or recorder these instructions primarily focus on how its keys map to the keys on other remotes.

There may be some peculiarities, both documented and not documented in how any universal remote may interact with a given product. For a limited number of products, you might need to use its own remote to turn the device on and off, but be able to use the universal remote for most of the other features.

While I had no problems with the functionality or finding and programming the codes of interest, you might want to buy your remote from someplace that you can return it if you have problems with compatibility.

This remote does not have the red, green, blue, yellow Teletext buttons (but I have seen similar remotes advertised which do have these buttons). I don't think that Teletext is used anyplace in the USA, but it has been in some other places where I have lived.

The remote is powered by two AA batteries (I can't remember if there were some provided). It seems to have decent battery life. The remote is 11 by 5 inches.

This remote is branded as an Emerson, but it appears to be identical to the ones sold under the Innovage name.

I am quite happy with this Emerson Jumbo Universal Remote.