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Son Of Flubber

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This review is for the 1963 Black and White film and DVD of Walt Disney's Son of Flubber. This film stars Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson, Keenan Wynn, Tommy Kirk and Ed Wynn. Son of Flubber is the sequel to Disney's film called The Absent Minded Professor which was made in 1961.

In Son of Flubber Professor Brainard is still working and finding new things out about the invention he invented in The first film. This invention was Flubber and he is having some set back in selling his product. The Government wants exclusive rights to it but they don't want to pay. The IRS comes after Professor Brainard and his wife for what they were payed for Flubber but have yet to receive the payment. The collegein which the Brainards work is still have money issues and Mr. Hawk is still wanting payed by the college for the loan he made to them. The Brainards were planning on paying the loan back for the college through the money they got for selling Flubber but as said before that money has yet to be seen. So Professor Brainard starts to work with a gas that was created with Flubber that he calls Flubber Gas. He wants to see if he can manipulate the weather with this gas by shooting a steady beam at a passing cloud to make it rain. What he ends up with is a lot of broken windows and a law suit. During the trial a witness comes forward with a very interesting way in which this gas did do something for the good for the town and community. And as this being a Disney movie all works out in the end.

I really enjoyed this movie as I enjoy all the old Walt Disney Films. It is a great family film to watch. I think younger children will like the funny actics of the Professor and other characters through out the film.

The film is in the original Black and White form and is about 103 minutes long.