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Sonic Advance 2 For Game Boy Advance

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By pc200x on
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Sonic continues his, er...run on the Game Boy Advance with Sonic Advance 2. Last time, Eggman's plan to capture Sonic's animal friends was thwarted, but he has a new one now: kidnap Sonic's closest friends. We're talking Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, here. Once again, Sonic speeds off to save the day.

Not much more of a plot than the last game, but as in most Sonic games, it's the ride that counts. And this game delivers the same solid gameplay of it's predecessor, and a lot more. Instead of the occasional bursts of speed, you go much, much faster, especially when you enter boost mode. You know those times in Sonic games when you're scared you're going to just fly off the screen? The game is like this, only most of the time.

As per usual, there are seven zones to blast through, with a super secret zone when you get all of the chaos emeralds.

More of the same, perhaps, but Sonic Advance 2 improves on the original in almost every way, and is a worthy addition to any Sonic fan's collection.