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Sonic Adventure Dx: Director's Cut For Gamecube

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Sonic Adventure was one of the most popular games available for the Sega Dreamcast. Now with the Dreamcast out of commission, how can fans get their Sonic fix? Never fear, for the original Sonic Adventure is now available for purchase on the Gamecube in the form of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.

Sonic is casually enjoying himself when he comes across a strage water monster called Chaos. His arch enemy Eggman appears and tells him that this creature, who grows stronger with each chaos emerald it gathers, will be used by him to destroy the city of Station Square and build a new Robotnik Empire. Now, Sonic and his buddy Tails must race against time to gather the remaining chaos emeralds before Eggman does.

The game features six playable characters. Along the way, each character encounters one of the other five at one point or another, leading to a rich, epic game with intertwining stories. The sense of depth is something previously unseen in Sonic games, and a very refreshing change.

Little has changed from the game's original release. The characters are shinier, and there's a new mission mode, featuring around 40 interesting missions around levels and the overworld. Oh, and there's actually rewards for getting all the emblems. By the time you collect all 130 emblems, you'll unlock every Game Gear Sonic game. Definitely an incentive for beating the game 100%, as several of the games on this disc you can't find on any other modern console.

Sonic Adventure was a masterpiece nearly ten years ago, and it still is today. Any Sonic fan should have this brilliant game in their collection.