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Sonic Battle For Game Boy Advance

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Sonic's first and only fighting game on the Game Boy Advance is here. In Sonic Battle, you'll play as Sonic or one of his many friends as they pound the stuffing out of each other.

A mysterious new robot has made it's way into Sonic's hometown of Emerald Town. Upon discovering it, he finds that it's more than just a simple robot; it can mimic the speech patterns and movements of organic creatures, moreso the more chaos emeralds it consumes. Needless to say, there are other forces out there who want this robot, affectionately named Emerl, including Rouge the Bat, Shadow, and Eggman himself.

The gameplay is a blast, with your standing kicking and punching, as well as character-specific moves. The only thing that gets old is that you may have to pound on your opponent for quite a while, and as the game continues, you'll find yourself pounding on the same opponent over and over again. It gets really tiring, despite how fun it is.

What makes the game particularly great is the replay. You can battle with up to four of your friends. As you battle throughout the game with Emerl, you gain cards that give you different moves of the characters you fought against. The customization is endless, from Sonic's punching to E-102's bomb blasting. You can even go so far as customize how the character stands, the way they move around, or the colors they sport. You may find yourself spending hours striving to collect all the rare cards you can find to customize your Emerl model.

Sonic Battle is a blast of a fighting game, and with 4 players and endless customization, you can find yourself pounding on your friends for years to come.