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Sonic Gems Collection For Gamecube

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Fans were excited when Sonic Mega Collection came out. Featuring all of Sonic's games from the Genesis days, the game was highly praised. Fans were expecting another collection to come forth featuring other Sonic games previously unavailable, and Sega delivered with Sonic Gems Collection.

Sonic Gems Collection features a much smaller library of games, but some that many were clamoring for, the main one being Sonic CD, what many consider to be the pinnacle of 2D Sonic games. Other hits include Sonic R, a racing game for the Sega Saturn, and Sonic: The Fighters, a game previously only available on arcade systems.

The more you play, the more bonuses you get. You can unlock a number of Game Gear Sonic titles, as well as Vectorman 1 and 2. Plus, there are 16 pages of artwork to collect, demos of Genesis Sonic games, and bonus videos. The way it looks, it wouldn't surprise me if they could've crammed every 2D Sonic game in existence on this disc. It's bursting with things to collect, and you'll find yourself spending many an hour trying to complete your collection.

Sonic Gems Collection is a great compliation with a lot to look through. If you're a Sonic completist, you'll want this game in your collection.