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Sonic Heroes For Gamecube

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By pc200x on
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Sonic the Hedgehog is back in Sonic Heroes for the Nintendo Gamecube. Sonic and his friends have received a message from the evil Dr. Eggman: in three days, he'll launch his air fleet and conquer the world. Who else can stop him but Sonic? How about his friends Tails and Knuckles? Thus, the three head off to confront Dr. Eggman. Along the way, they'll encounter several other trios, including Team Dark, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix.

The game plays a bit different than previous Sonic titles; instead of only one character, you control three, constantly switching between them depending on the situation. If you need to run fast, use the speed character. If you need to fly, use the flight character. If you need to bust stuff up, use the strength character. It's a fine concept, but when you simply want to rush through a level at top speed, you don't want to be bogged down by having to constantly switch out fast characters for slow ones.

The game has fourteen levels, in a similar vein to classic Sonic games. You go through two similar levels (though different enough not to be classified as "acts"), then fight a boss. Along the way, you can enter special stages for the famed chaos emeralds. Collect all seven, and you can fight the secret final boss.

Sonic Heroes exceeds in feeling like an old school Sonic game, but is brought down by the gimmicky three-character gameplay. Still, it's a solid platformer and worth giving at least a rental.