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Sonic Rush For Nintendo Ds

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By pc200x on
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Sonic Rush is Sonic the Hedgehog's first outing on the Nintendo DS, and boy is it...well, a rush!

The nefarious Eggman is at it again, going around causing trouble. But wait...it's not Eggman! It's Eggman Nega, an Eggman from an alternate reality. Soon, Sonic encounters Blaze the Cat, a warrior hunting down Eggman Nega and the Sol Emeralds, powerful gems. Thus, the adventure begins.

The game is easily the fastest Sonic game yet. Sonic games could get fast at points before, but now, it's high speed from beginning to end. When you're flying through the air or grinding on rails, you can press buttons wildly to do tricks and build up your boost meter. With it, you can quickly blast to top speed with the push of a button. This interesting new aspect makes the game a blast to go through as fast as you can.

There are seven levels, as one may expect from a 2.5D Sonic game. Two players are available, Sonic and Blaze, who play more or less the same. There's little to do after the game is beaten besides time trial and striving to recover both the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds. Even so, the game is so much fun to play, and even a few years after it's release, still manages to be a rush.