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Sonicare E5500 Toothbrush, Scrubs Them Teeth Good!

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demon_buttercup By demon_buttercup on
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The Sonicare E5500 electric toothbrush created quite a bit of excitement when I told my dentist I had gotten one and had just began to use it. He said that was all he used and that he was sure I would notice a great difference, a trrific improvement of my teeth. I was a little leary of the brush, as I have very sensitive teeth. However the Sonicare toothbrush has a setting where the speed starts off slow and daily gets faster and faster to slowly break you in - get you used to the sonic vibrations of the brush. While the brush made my teeth feel marvelous, a fresh from the dentist clean with no residue left over, by the time it got up to full speed I was afraid to put it in my mouth. If I hit a filling at a certain angle, the vibrations of the brush made me scream out in agony. It was also difficult to spit and rinse in the middle of the brushing cycle, which is a timed 3 minutes. Sure, you can push the button and turn it off, but then the fear of putting it back in my mouth and accidently hitting a filling made me cringe. Truth be told, as nice as the end result of the Sonicare E5500 were, I have stopped using it. It's a great toothbrush if you don't have overly sensitve teeth with lots of fillings. I do believe if this toothbrush was available 15-20 years ago, maybe my teeth would not be so bad - so sensitive - and I could use the toothbrush more.