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Sonicare Elite

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Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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Eight Years ago my husband purchased a Sonicare Elite toothbrush for me at Christmas time. He always likes to be practical on holidays and birthdays, his gifts are always so nice. When he bought me the toothbrush, my whole family started laughing at my expense that is. The reason behind the brush and the laughter was I brush my teeth about five times a day if not more.

I have been obsessed with brushing my teeth since I was a kid, they would have these dental days at school teaching us about good teeth hygiene. They would have us brush our teeth and then chew on these tablets if your teeth did not turn colors they were clean. If they turned colors then you needed to brush more.

I was the kid that followed the rules, when the fire department came to teach us about what to do in a fire, I would wake my family up for a fire drill in the middle of the night. Now I only brush my teeth three times a day and I have only had to change the brush out once a year, my teeth are only whiter and feel cleaner using the Sonicare.