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Sonicare For Pearly Whites

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This electric toothbrush was recommended by our dentist for my husband. He was experiencing some gum problems and also a lot of plaque where he needed to come in for cleaning every four months instead of your normal twice a year. Not wanting to experience any more problems and to try and get back on a twice a year visit we purchased the Sonicare Essence E5000 electric toothbrush.

It seemed like a lot of money at the time but using this has been well worth the expense. The results were noticed by the hygienist on the next visit and after a year hubby is back on track with only 2 cleanings per year. After his first positive check up I decided to get one for myself too.

The Sonicare Essence includes the toothbrush and contoured brush head. There is a charger base with a cord that easily wraps any excess cord in the base which makes for a tidier appearance in our bathroom. Also included is a travel cap, a travel case which measures 4-1/2 x 7 x 1-1/2" deep, and a brush head holder.

Make sure to let the toothbrush charge for 24 hours before you first use it. After that I found I only needed to charge it every few weeks or less depending on how much I used it.

This model comes with what is called a Smartimer which is a 2 minute timer which turns the toothbrush off automatically at the end of that time. When I first started using this Sonicare I used the easy-start function which started me out at a lower speed until I had used it for a minute 12 times. After that 12th time it went at regular speed. I can switch back and forth which I find useful when your teeth might be a little sensitive, especially after a trip to the hygienist or you have any dental work done. You can also brush longer than the two minutes if you have any troublesome areas that you want to make sure are well cleaned and massaged.

I can keep track of when the toothbrush needs to be recharged with a light that blinks when I need to do so. We found switching to the Sonicare electric toothbrush an easy transition and would never go back to manual brushing. Using the Sonicare gives us a much more clean fresh taste in our mouth and makes our teeth feel so much smoother, and to us a little whiter.

Although there is a two year warranty included, the batteries cannot be replaced. So far we haven't had any problems and not spending the money for that extra dental visit for my husband pays for the switch from manual brushing. The heads are easy to replace and should be done every 6 months. We just purchased a 4 pack replacement set for $35 at Costco.

We're glad we made the switch so this gets our approval and a big smile!