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Sony 5 Disc Stereo

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By bloke on
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We originally bought this stereo for my brother, but now he's off to college and it resides in my room.

I have to say I love the option of hooking up my laptop or iPod to this stereo with a cord and blasting music that way. It has great bass, and a wide volume range. You can put up to 5 discs (plus a mini-disc) into it at a time and cycle through them. A great thing about this stereo is the the remote it comes with. You can do about every function on the remote that you can do on the stereo itself. There are also some features on the stereo that I've never used (for example there's a button that says record on it, and I think it might be for tapes).

In all, the stereo has 4 ways of playback - CDs, tapes, radio, and "MD" (I'm not sure what this means but it's the setting you put it on to play through the audio cord from your iPod). It has a headphones jack as well if you want private listening. Another great feature that I've used is the alarm clock function, which you can set to start a CD when it goes off. I find that to be easier to wake up to than a shrill, beeping noise.

I'm not sure how popular this model is any more, but Sony certainly did put out a great sounding (and stylish - it looks great in any room) stereo.