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Sony Bravia 32, Talk About Reliability!!!

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By aih79 on
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LCD and Plasma TVs are the craze these days. It doesnt take much to understand why. Its no secret the picture and sound quality compared to traditional TVs is far better. LCD and Plasma Tvs offer a much richer viewing experience and offer more options in terms of connectivity and playback. About 2yrs ago I decided to change my years old Grundig TV for a LCD TV. After searching around for good deals, I decided on getting a Sony Bravia 32". No doubt the difference in picture and sound quality as compared to my old TV was huge. I immediately feel in love with my new TV and since have enjoyed a lot of TV programmes, movies and games on it. The choice for Sony was mainly because of its reputation in the market and the reliability it offered. A few months ago, to my utter dismay, the TV stopped working. I could not believe it. As far as I could find out there had been no loose connections to the socket or power fluctuations. What ever was, was internal. On that day as soon as I turned on the TV, it would turn on for a few seconds and then the picture would disappear with the sound still on. After spending 2weeks at the repair shop and my wallet 184pounds lighter, I finally got my TV back. Apparently some internal circuit had malfunctioned. And to think I bought a Sony TV for its reliability and performance in the first place.