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Sony Ericsson K800i

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James Ritchie By James Ritchie on
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The K800i offers excellent value-for-money - its a solid, sleek and most importantly affordable phone that can match more pricey little numbers point-for-point.

I sought out the phone as an upgrade to the Nokia 6280 I previously owned and unfortunately misplaced. I was looking for something in my budget range, and was surprised to find a model with such a beefy megapixel count at such a low price. This phone is definitely a viable digital camera - 3.2 megapixels, Xenon flash, and all the trimmings result in superb quality and vivid colours. However, this seems to be at the expense of the video capturing capabilities - which one could flout as sub-par.

The design is a stock-standard candybar, although it feels nice and solid (without being too weighty) and the buttons are just tacticle enough to avoid being annoying. The joystick is a pleasure to use once one becomes properly acquainted with it (though I have heard stories of sticking and other issues). All the main functions are mapped to easily reachable keys - there is a single button for photo taking (sliding the lens cover also initiates camera mode), and two subtle buttons on the face of the unit that allow streamlined access to your gallery.

All of the standard features are delivered, as to be expected. Particularly of note is the music playing functionality - the speaker offers an extremely scalable range of volume, from whisper-quiet to almost annoyingly loud (though the sound lacks any real substance as to be expected). Stereo widening is also an option.

The phone is compatible with relatively inexensive and very compact Sony Micro M2 memory cards.

I haven't really found any niggling flaws with the unit, aside from some compatability issues with certain Java games and fluff stuck beneath the screen. The call quality is above average. Overall a very solid and affordable phone.