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Sony Ericsson K800i: The Perfect Camera Phone?

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By plucko on
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I've owned several phones in the past, but they were all given to me by someone who didn't use them anymore. So one day I decided to buy a new phone. After reading good reviews on the Sony Ericsson k800i, I decided to give it a try. After ordering it online, it arrived the next day. I was so excited!

I recharged the phone and had a closer look at it. Everything seemed pretty cool. The design is great and it comes in several colours (although they're mostly dark colours). Mine is black, by the way.

I quickly found out that the keys of the phone are very close together, giving me trouble writing a text message without making too many typographical errors. But eventually I got used to it. It's still more difficult to write a text message, because of the keys that are close together and they seem to be made of rubber, so you often tend to press the wrong buttons because your fingers get stuck.

Apparently changing the phone's cover is possible, but it is very difficult to do and it may damage your phone, so it is not recommended. Too bad they didn't think of an easier system to change your phone's cover.

The phone itself is very shiny, which is great, but within seconds your phone is covered with dozens of fingerprints. Not a very nice view.

It only takes about two hours to recharge your phone, which is good, and you will probably need to recharge it every two days, which isn't too bad, but it could be better.


The Sony Ericsson k800i is a Cybershot phone, which means it's been created mainly for people who are interested in photography as well. It has a built-in 3.2 megapixel camera and it works perfectly fine. There are many options to change, such as scenes and different shoot modes. If you're planning to have your photos printed, don't worry, because the quality of the photos is good enough for that. I do want to mention that it takes a few seconds before a photo is actually taken, which is a downside if you want to catch the right moment with your camera.

It is also nice to mention that the two buttons above the screen are in fact buttons you can press. The left button (or bottom one, if you're in "camera mode") is used to view the last photo taken and if you're in camera mode, you will be able to change your camera's shoot mode (for example: panorama). With the right button (or top one, if you're in "camera mode") you can view your photo gallery or, if you're in camera mode, you can change the scene of the camera (for example: snow/beach, , landscape and auto).

Overall I think this mobile phone is a very good choice, especially if you're interested in taking photographs with it. And the quality of the photos is good enough to have them printed!


+ Great design.

+ Great features.

+ Web 'n walk (internet).

+ Great ringtones.

+ You can switch between different themes.

+ You can make shortcuts, and customize them.


- Phone gets greasy/full of fingerprints quickly. Because a big part of the phone is made of some kind of rubber, it's hard to get rid of those fingerprints as well.

- The keys are too close together so it's hard to write a text message without making any typographical errors.

- You cannot easily replace the phone's cover and when you do, there's a chance you may damage it.