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Sony Ericsson W200a , Little Phone, Little Quality

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manouky By manouky on
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Shame. Only word that come in my mind. I've been using Sony Ericsson phone for ever and I had to upgrade to this cellphone.

Let's start with the positives. This phone is very slick, looks good and fits everywhere because of its size. Sometime, I even have to feel my pocket to be sure that the phone is still there! It's lite, thin and convenient. This cellphone is also a radio receiver when you plug the "antenna" into it, which comes included with the package. The reception is clear, crisp and loud, I have to give that.

Now, the CONS: This cellphone feels that it will fall apart anytime you look at it. When you pick it up, the plastic cracks and make weird sounds! When you talk to somebody with this phone, the other party keeps asking you "What is going on? What is that noise?" The reception is so bad, even though the lines are full and I'm in a very commercial area. From time to time, even though the battery shows that it is full, the phone will die instantly for now reason! So you will need full charges to get it back to run. I changed the battery, same problem, so it comes from the phone, not the battery.

Bluetooth: I still don't understand why this isn't a standard yet. This phone doesn't come with Bluetooth, and it isn't capable of Bluetooth. What a disappointment. On the top of that, when I bough it, it was specified on the flyer that it is Bluetooth capable, what a mess!

It comes with a small 128MB memory card, however, this is a serial connector, so it takes about 4 minutes to upload a song into the phone! So good luck if you want to upload the full 128MB, waste of time.

Conclusion, stay away from this phone ! I rather have my old 5 years old brink back !