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Sony Ericsson W350 Cell Phone

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After my old cell phone flew out of my pocket at the top of the highest roller coaster in Hersheypark, I decided to use the opportunity to upgrade. And it really was quite an upgrade; while my old LG was $30 cheaper than my Sony Ericsson, I never felt the urge to take it out and show it off like I do with my new one.

In a one-word description, this phone is Sleek. The casing is only 1 cm thick and incredibly lightweight, so I barely notice it in my pocket. It fits nicely in my palm, and looks really cool flipped open, revealing its shiny keypad. I also think the White with black buttons color option is the best looking, but you can also get it in orange or purple buttons on a black casing, or black on red.

Definitely the most unique part about this phone is the music player. It has a built-in Sony Walkman mp3 player including playback buttons on the outside flip-lid, and volume control buttons on the side (there's also a hold switch so it doesn't accidentally go off when you don't want it to). Both the quality of the sound and the volume are great considering the size of the phone, and the fact that it is a cell phone. As for other features, you can of course text, surf the web, read emails, etc for an extra price. To personalize your settings you can also set profiles to control the ring and appearance of the phone.

The only set-backs it has are the fact that it doesn't have a video camera (just a one megapixel still camera), and to play music through headphones or listen to the radio you need to buy their special headphones. Also, there is not much storage space on the phone unless you buy a microSD card for it. Still, I don't think there's any other phone out there I would prefer.