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Sony Ericsson W910i

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The Sony Ericsson W910i is another installment to the walkman range of phones by this brand. It has all the basic functions of any phone worth buying: MP3 player, FM radio, Java games etc. What seperates this phone from others is its "Shake Control", which allows you to change song simply by shaking your wrist. This function also allows you to play games by tilting your phone in order to direct certain games, such as Marble Madness, which comes with it. In its media centre, you can also tilt the phone to the side in order to make the video or menu bigger, which adds to the style of the phone.it comes in a variety of colours: gold, black, red/pink and I once saw it in blue!

Its sleek design allows it to slide into the tightest pocket. The W910i is a slider, and the slider action is smooth and satisfying. It isn't too chunky for the hand or pocket being 99mm tall when closed, 50mm wide and 12mm thick. With the slider opened it grows to an acceptable 130mm. Weight-wise it is a dream at just 86g. The number pad sitting under the slide mechanism is reasonably comfortable to use. Its keys are flat, but they are large and when pressed you get a loud, affirming click. Texting is quite easy with this phone, with a T9 dictionary that learns your texting language in time

The only problem I had with this phone was that occasionally it would turn off for no reason, reset the theme and then carry on as normal. Many users have had this problem, but it only happens rarely. It can be frustrating though, but to be fair Sony Ericsson released an update and I havent experienced this fault since.

In short, a great phone!