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Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone

Reviewing: Sony Ericsson, Walkman W580i  |  Rating:
By igotarock on
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Ok here's the deal. This phone started out as an amazing product, and still can be for those of you who are extremely cautious. This phone is not your choice if you can't be gentle with it. It has amazing features, being able to Record, Make Music Beats, a nice 2 MP Camera and Video Recorder, Bluetooth, Song ID Software, AIM, Texting, Cool Custom Colored Lights, This is an MP3 Player/Phone, and nifty sliding screen.

The phone does have its downfalls however... If you drop it, chances are it will either burst into pieces, the screen will break, or the battery will go flying out, or all of the above. I have only dropped my phone 3 Times over a 5 Month period of owning it. Thankfully, they were all from heights of 3 feet or less. Except once, when it fell while I was riding my bike at about 18 MPH, only a few scratches (But it could have been worse).

After 1 1/2 months, the Paint on the buttons starts to wear.

After 3 1/2 Months, my '#' button refuses to work properly. (I assume from texting too much)

After 4 Months, no scratches on the screen at all, because I take care of it.

After 5 Months, my LCD Screen began showing Black Lines across the screen, until 1/4 of my screen is completely black now... Nobody fixes these phones, and all repairs must be made manually if you choose to not pay almost 10$ a month for insurance. I was told the LCD Screen is failing because of too much pressure on the screen.

Overall, it is a good phone for just about anything, in fact, it's my favorite phone ever. But it is fragile, and can wind up costing you some money in the future for maintenance. Be careful when deciding if this phone is for you. Keep in mind, I am very cautios with my phone, and look how much trouble it's caused me. If your rough with phones, DO NOT get this phone! It will last you a week.