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Sony Flashdrive... 512 Mb

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By margie8228 on
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Flash drives are being used more and more now days for school and work and everything thing else involved with a computer. A little while ago I bought a Sony Microvault that held 512 mega bytes. That really isn't a lot of space for anything, and it really drives me crazy when I can't fit my school work on it. i would recommend anyone who wants a flash drive, even if they don't need to put lots of stuff on it, to get a lager at least one giga byte flash drive. This flash drive is nice because there is a tiny switch that you put up ward to make the flash drive part pop out so you can connect it to a port on you computer and when you push it back in it will stay protected and wont get ruined as easy. I don't like the cover on this particular flash drive, after a lot of pushing the button up and down it had worn the paint stuff off and it just looks old now, when really it isn't very old. other than the size it holds and the wearing down from the button this is a nice flash drive. Sony usually makes very good products, that run and work just great for me.