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Sony Fontopia Headphones

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By pdcd on
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I'm a music nut and I'm always listening to my MP3 player or computer at home or on the go, so headphones are very important but for sound quality and comfort. My favorite for many years now have been Sony Fontopia headphones.

Despite their official name I consider Fontopias to be earphones or ear buds, as they go inside the ear canal. They can be found in white or black color varieties, and each set comes with 3 different sized interchangable ear buds for varying ear canal sizes. The cords also come in a variety of lengths including 3 feet and 6 feet. Some models also have a carrying case. Fontopias do not have an independent volume control.

Fontopias are very comfortable, as they use silicon earbuds, though after using them for several hours your ear canal may feel a bit wet or waxy. The sound quality is great, with excellent bass and treble. No tinny sound at all. They do a great job of blocking outside sound, though, while not open design, people nearby may hear some leakage if you have the volume up very loud.

I've owned at least 4 sets of these and I'll continue to buy them. I've only ever had one set break: after about 2 years of usage the covering on the cord started to strip off. The earbuds may come off if you're rough with them, but since you get 6 ear buds per set, you can easily replace it if you don't mind changing the bud sizes (I can use all 3 bud sizes without any problems). While I've misplaced a few sets I've not had any other problems.

If you don't want to shell out the bucks for a high end set of headphones or earphones, but want good rich sound in comfortable earphones that block surrounding sound very well, Fontopias are for you!